Well… the last couple of days were interesting. We had great fishing up north which fell apart at the beginning of the week. It was so good for so long up there that, after giving it a rest for a few days, we gave it another shot yesterday. Bad move! We arrived at the destination and found warm crystal clear water and no fish. Only one option… go deep, find bait and fish. It didn’t work. We found some bait in 100 ft. of water but could only manage to catch one Brown Trout. Because we had the same guys today, we decided to cut the trip early and fish longer today. That gave us time to think about things and come up with a new plan. The trip this morning started slow. We went over to the silo on the south shore to fish the point and humps around it. We found plenty of bait, but no fish. A phone call from a friend of ours ( thanx Mark) prompted us to move a little closer to home. It paid off. In the rest of the trip they landed 13 trout and lost quite a few others. 25 – 30 ft. of water between Selkirk and the Salmon River was where it was at. Michigan Stingers off the riggers down 12 – 20 ft. and Smithwicks off the surface did the trick.

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