Well, storms kept us off the lake again on Monday.  We were able to get them out Tuesday morning instead.  Fishing was very slow.  We started off the trip by hooking into a 24lb. King a only 15 min. into the trip.  We caught the fish in 65 degree water ( she must have been lost ).  It bit a stingray sized Mongoose on the wire with 270 ft. of string out.  We then waited a very long time for the next bite.  Slow to say the least.  It must stop storming.  It is really very simple.  Inconsistent weather, inconsistent fishing.  Oh well, we are dealt what God gives us right.  It’s ok.  It helps to build character.  Wednesday, we started for Kings.  Not being able to find them, we decided to try our luck for browns for the last part of the trip.  It was the right move.  We landed a bunch of great fish before…once again… we got chased in by lightening.  The trout came in 104 fow off the five stacks ( ALCAN ).  The Perch stingray Michigan, Blueberry Muffin and a Green chip with the Sweet pea fly all worked well.

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