Most of the time, even in good conditions, a person spends a lot more time fishing for steelies than actually catching them.  Even with a river full of fish, it often takes a good days fishing to produce 3 or 4 trout, which is a respectable day.  So far, the month of November has been unbelievable.  Since the water came up, we have been catching steelies…everywhere.  Steve just came up for his annual 3 day fishing trip and experienced a Steelheaders dream.  He landed 37 in 3 days!  Insane, but true.  The fish have an unbelievable average size of around 10 lbs.  Very few fish smaller than 8 lbs. and the bigger ones being 12 and 13 lbs.  An interesting observation about these fish, is that many of them seem to be wild trout.  Fish that weren’t produced at the hatchery, but were successfully spawned in the river.  We noticed this last year also.  This is a great sign.

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