The river has finally dropped to a level that is below ideal.  Of course, that depends on who you talk to.  In our opinion, the higher the better.  Within reason of course.  We consider 750 cfs to be the minimum level for ideal conditions and 1800 cfs to be the maximum.  Anything in between is great.  The river is now at 500 cfs and the fishing is still good, but not a good as it was.  We landed 7 today and by no means are we complaining.  We just know that the reason the fishing has slowed a bit is because the water dropped.  So many people, bank fisherman, love low water.  If they only understood that steelies don’t, they wouldn’t pray for it so often.  There is more to good Steelhead fishing than great access and being able to wade.  Happy trout that aren’t spooked will increase anyones success.

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