The last few days, have been a rollercoaster ride.  As the weather goes up and down… so does the fishing.  The changing wind patterns have killed us.  Yesterday morning was tough for everyone involved.  We had one trip out and managed to capture 3 Salmon fishing right in front of the river.  In the afternoon, we had the other boat out and managed to catch 6 Cohos from one spot.  I do mean one spot… a tiny spot.  This spot, was loaded with Cohos.  More that I have seen in one spot in almost 20 yrs.  To catch only 6 was puzzling.  If not for the boat traffic, I think we could have caught them at will.  Today was just as up and down.  We caught fish in the morning on one boat, and in the afternoon on the other.  Weird.  We need stable weather.
The stiff 25 mph. South wind we had today, won’t work.

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