The fishing is unreal. The water has just come up to 750 cfs. and will remain up through the weekend we hope. Even when the water drops, the fishing should still be good due to the fact that there are so many fish in the river. The steelies are very spread out and laying in both fast and slow water. Casters are doing well on egg sacks, pink worms and beads. The fish have also been biting Rapalas and Hot Shots. Good friend Doc. Fatti was up today for an early winter steelie trip. As usual…he smoked em! The weather was terrible today with snow, sleet, freezing rain and rain as well as a river full of debris from fallen branches and trees due to the 30 – 40 mph. winds. Very nasty. Doc. landed 13 steelies today in what were horrible conditions. Says a lot about the quality of our fishery.

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