This isn’t a fishing report, it is a way for me to let everyone know, that my good friend, Jerry Babcock, lost his ten year battle with illness. I met Jerry, and started taking him fishing, 17 yrs. ago. Jerry changed a lot in the last 10 yrs. as a result of his physical problems, but some things stayed the same. His love for family, friends and fishing stayed strong. Anyone who knew him, would say that Jerry was the most determined man that they had ever known. He fought to stay alive, so he could spend more time with those he loved. He also stayed alive to see one more Yankee game, shoot one more deer and catch one more fish, even though medically, we should have lost him years ago. I will miss the daily phone calls or dock visits that he would make to see how the fish were biting. Jerry was a true example of strength and determination. I hope that those who knew him, learned from him. I know I did. Save a spot on the back of the boat for me Jerry would ya?

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