Speices We Target

Brown Trout

The Brown Trout is Lake Ontario's most abundant trophy. Large numbers of Browns averaging 2 - 10 lbs. are available from late April through mid August. Our July and August trout fishery differs from that in May and June in that we are fishing further from shore with tackle that is a little bit larger for bigger fish.


Salmon season on Lake Ontario is in full swing July, August and September. Fight with a couple of these powerful fish and you will see why Lake Ontario is so famous. Chinook Salmon ( kings ) average 15 - 25 lbs. with some fish being in the mid 30's or more. We also have a large number of Coho Salmon ( silvers ) available. They will average 5 - 15 lbs. and can be caught on and off all summer long.


In the middle of October, the Fall Steelhead begin their annual migration into the streams. Action for these huge rainbows is excellent from October through December and again from March through early May. Winter Steelhead fishing can be good but is greatly dependent on weather conditions. Spinfishing, flyfishing and backtrolling from a driftboat all work well to catch these trophy fish. However, weather and water levels dictate which techniques will be most productive on a given day.