Some more Big Brown pics!!

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Great Brown Trout fishing but still waiting for Salmon

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Over the last week our Brown trout fishing has gotten very good once again. The cooler water moved back in and so did the trout. We are taking big numbers of very big fish. They are averaging around 8 lbs. with the larger fish each day reaching 12 – 14 lbs. We are fishing for Salmon a little bit without much success. They just aren’t here in any numbers yet. Very soon that will change.

unsettled conditions

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The consistent Brown trout program fell apart with the changing water temps, sending us out over deep water in search of salmon. We hit a few salmon but had to cover alot of water, mainly one and two year olds. Improved water temps will  improve fishing, hopefully soon.

Good fishing

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Our Brown Trout fishing is right on track for this time of year. 70-90 fow from the Salmon River to the West has been good. There have been lots of fish in this area and the bait fish are there as well. Michigan Stinger spoons in the smaller size have been working in all the standard colors, Diehard, NBK, Purple Haze, Mongoose etc… The temp has been down around 80 ft. and we are using dipsys as well as our riggers. The size of the fish in this area has been impressive. Each day we are catching trout over 10 lbs and they are averaging about 7 lbs.

Ol’ Reliable Mr. Brown Trout.

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The Brown Trout fishing has been good for better than a week now and will only get better with our stable weather and water temps. Fish have been coming 90-110 feet of water from the Salmon River to Nine Mile Point. Salmon are still scattered out over deeper water with a few caught each day.


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