Deep water, a decent option

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With the temp being screwed up in the Southeastern basin, once again we opted to go deep and North. The temp is messed up out there too, but at least a little higher. The screen does not look good, but there are fish. Not a lot, and not real big, but good action and good eater sized fish. We worked 160 – 300 fow off the north sand… pile. The thermocline was all over the place. We had our rigs set at times between 80 and 95 fow, and at others between 120 and 135 fow. We didn’t have to troll very far before it would change and i would adjust the rigs to stay in that 48 – 52 degree range. It was a constant battle. Once again…we marked almost nothing on the Sitex, but they are there. The Salmon are all healthy fish but not adults. The steelies are nice average fish with a lot of spunk. We tried to release, but they went belly up, so we decided to keep them instead of letting them go to waste. We had decent action landing 8 fish,no shakers, and missing a few others. Mongoose,…


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