Deep water, a decent option

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With the temp being screwed up in the Southeastern basin, once again we opted to go deep and North. The temp is messed up out there too, but at least a little higher. The screen does not look good, but there are fish. Not a lot, and not real big, but good action and good eater sized fish. We worked 160 – 300 fow off the north sand… pile. The thermocline was all over the place. We had our rigs set at times between 80 and 95 fow, and at others between 120 and 135 fow. We didn’t have to troll very far before it would change and i would adjust the rigs to stay in that 48 – 52 degree range. It was a constant battle. Once again…we marked almost nothing on the Sitex, but they are there. The Salmon are all healthy fish but not adults. The steelies are nice average fish with a lot of spunk. We tried to release, but they went belly up, so we decided to keep them instead of letting them go to waste. We had decent action landing 8 fish,no shakers, and missing a few others. Mongoose,…

Deep water fish

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Left the browns alone today. They are being pr%&*s because of the strange weather. The wind has been blowing out of a different direction every day. The entire south eastern end of the lake has filled with warm water and the temp is pretty much the same from top to bottom. 62 degrees on the surface and 58 degrees down 135. Today we decided to just go deep and take our chances. We started 10+ miles WNW of the Salmon River in 300 fow in an attempt to find some silver fish. We marked almost nothing but, as often happens while trolling fast over deep water, you don’t have to necessarily see them to catch them. We fished a simple program of Michigans off riggers and wire divers. Blue DieHard, Tux, Habenaro and Chicken Wing all worked. We landed some fish, but no big numbers. I think that if we could have located some bait, we might have done really well with them. The fish we got were all random. We were looking for them, and they were looking for food. The riggers were down 62 – 92 ft., and the divers were out 220 and 240.

more pics!

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Decent fishing on a beautiful day

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The weather today was great. We decided to change it up and fish closer to home. Started on the South shore in front of the Little Salmon River, and trolled west. Caught browns early, and then switched over to the deep water fish. Ended up with a nice mixed bag of Brown Trout, Kings, Steelhead and even an Atlantic. Browns: 30 – 50 fow…everything else: 160 – 170 fow, east of the plant. Michigan’s and Alpina’s did the best trolled behing leadcore, wire divers and off riggers.

A few Brown Trout pics!

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We have had to work harder for our browns this season, but on the other hand the average size is larger. The wind has been blowing from a different direction every day, moving the bait and fish around. We have been fishing north of the salmon river in 40 to 60 feet of water,Riggers set at 20 to 40 down and 4 to 6 colors of leadcore with Michigan Stingers has been working.


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