Lower water, fish still biting.

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The river has finally dropped to a level that is below ideal.  Of course, that depends on who you talk to.  In our opinion, the higher the better.  Within reason of course.  We consider 750 cfs to be the minimum level for ideal conditions and 1800 cfs to be the maximum.  Anything in between is great.  The river is now at 500 cfs and the fishing is still good, but not a good as it was.  We landed 7 today and by no means are we complaining.  We just know that the reason the fishing has slowed a bit is because the water dropped.  So many people, bank fisherman, love low water.  If they only understood that steelies don’t, they wouldn’t pray for it so often.  There is more to good Steelhead fishing than great access and being able to wade.  Happy trout that aren’t spooked will increase anyones success.

World class steelhead fishery!!

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There’s no sign of the steelhead fishing slowing up anytime soon. Many days we are landing 10 or more, with many breaking the 10 pound mark. Water is 1150 cfs until sunday night, but keep in mind this can change any day. We still have limited openings for november and december so give us a call, we got a spot in the front of the driftboat for ya!!

A great time.

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The fishing on the Salmon River is still red hot.  Steelhead are spread throughout the river and, with the water being up, are biting well.  With the recent rain that we have recieved and more expected, the water should stay up for a while.  The bank fisherman are catching fish on eggs and flies.  We have been plug fishing with Hot Shots and Rapala’s.

Crazy fishing.

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I don’t think it could get any better.  Our Steelhead fishing is the best in the World and I challange anyone to find a place better with more consistancy.  Right now, and for the past few weeks, we are averaging 10 or more Steelhead landed each day.  Not hooked, but landed.  That is crazy!   We have a lot of fish and they are big.  The average size lately has been 8 or 9 lbs.  The river is running at 750 cfs and with recent rain, we think the level will stay up.  We hope it does because the one sure way to see to it that the fishing gets tough, is to drop the water.  Steelies don’t like low water.   Never have, never will.  Fisherman who wade like low water because they can wade………I guess.  Let it rain.

Heavy pressure this weekend

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Well, we made it through the weekend.  One thing is for sure.  Steelheading on the Salmon River has not lost it’s popularity at all.  All the activity is good to see, great for the area economy but makes fishing a little difficult.  We were able to land plenty of fish each day with plenty of other oportunities that just didn’t come to the net.

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