Steelhead fishing heating up!!

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Steelhead fishing is getting better  every day, trout are spread throughout the river. A few clean salmon have shown up as well. The large crowds of salmon fisherman are starting to thin out.

A busy weekend has come and gone.

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Well, Columbus weekend is behind us.  We take the weekend off each year for some much needed rest and to avoid the HEAVY crouds on the river.  We will be back in the swing of things on Tuesday.  There are lots of fish.  As many as we have ever seen.  Unfortunatly, the water is low, which means that the people who choose to use non-ethical and illegal methods to harvest Salmon, will have there way with them because the fish don’t have enough water to safely hide from them.  Oh well, as long as there are Salmon in a river… there will be people who will do anything to get them.  Salmon fever I guess.  Plenty of water to float with the boats though, and the fishing has been good.  Steelhead season will soon be here.

Lots of Salmon!!

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Many salmon have moved out of the pools to there spawning locations. Steelhead are starting to show up. Fish with egg sacs or egg pattern flies, and you will catch both steelhead and salmon.River is 500 cfs.

River fishing in full swing

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We have been on the river now for a couple of weeks.  To say the Salmon River is loaded with fish, would be an understatement.  They are spread from top to bottom.  The crowds have been a bit much to deal with.  It is a catch 22, all the fisherman in the area are great for the economy, but with so many people on the river, there are fewer spots to catch fish in.  All the heavy crowds are all but behind us now.  A few more days brings us Columbus weekend.  We don’t fish then because, through the years, we have found it impossible to guide people to a quality day of fishing on the river.  It is the busiest weekend of the year.  I guess Salmon fishing in Pulaski on Columbus weekend, must be tradition to a LOT of people.  The fishing has been ok considering the lack of available spots.  Our clients have landed some quality Salmon lately.  Looking forward to Steelie season.  They should be here any day.

Salmon River is getting Hot!!

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Lots of fish from Altmar to pulaski, and more are coming in from the lake.We will have good salmon fishing for the rest of the month.River is now at 750 cfs.


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