Still inconsistant.

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Even though the Salmon are here,  the fishing is still inconsistant.  We have had south or East wind now for a few days, and it has filled the eastern basin with cold water.  The temp.  is down 40 – 50 ft. right now, which is too shallow.  We should be fishing in about 100 fow of water right now.  The fish are close to the river and they are acting weird.  One trip is good, and the next poor.  A light west wind is needed to pull the fish back out from shore a little.  The best lures have been #4 green glow j-plug, white chip/glow hammer and frog spin dr./hypnotyst.

Getting tired.

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Spending 100 hrs. a week on a boat, can make a guy tired.  Sorry for the lack of reports lately.  We will try to do a couple a week till the end of September.  Oh do we have Salmon.  The 70 – 80 ft. line from the Salmon River to Monterio Point, is LOADED.  They still aren’t biting as well as we want……..Yet.  That will change though.  White chips, Green chips, Black Spin dr’s, Chartruse chips and Hammer, Glow Hammer and Mirage flies all have worked well.

Ahhhh! That’s better.

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Big difference in the Salmon fishing today.  It’s amazing what happens when the weather stabilizes.  We have been seeing Kings now for a week and catching minimal numbers.  Today, they bit.  In the am, we were in 165 fow off the Sandy Pond area.  The fish came down 130 – 140ft.  On green chips with Hammer flies.  In the afternoon we had to slide into 120 fow and a little south.  The green chip/Hammer and white chip/glow Hammer combos as well as a green Hoochie/Hammer and green Spin Dr./ Hypnotist worked well.  The weather should be stable now for a few days.  We will see what happens.

We need Salmon.

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Will the wind please stop blowing!!!  I can’t remember a summer this stormy.  Bad weather this weekend, resulted in bad fishing.  Low numbers of Salmon aren’t helping either.  We moved around a lot the last few days.  We saw fish in a few spots, but they wouldn’t stay long enough for us to really work them.  The action we did have, was in 125 fow west of the Salmon River and up north, Lake View, in 100 fow.  The best lures were green chips with either the Hypnotyst, Hammer or Sweetpea flies.  Some of the Michigan’s are still working also.

Salmon are here?

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We went to the south shore today for browns.  Once again it was a safe move, but not great fishing.  In the afternoon, we went north.  We got a tip that we followed up on, and the Salmon were there.  We couldn’t do much with them, but they are there.  Green chip with sweetpea fly, Perch Michigan and Blueberry Muffin were the best lures.

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