Up and down weather. Up and down fishing

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Lets just say the weather has stunk lately.  Every wind forecast has been wrong, and thunderstorms have either come earlier of later than they were supposed to.  Monday was slow with a few fish being caught on each boat.  We would have done much better if we weren’t fighting 5-7 ft. waves.  Not fun!  The high wind we got on Monday, wrecked the fishing for Tuesday.  The Brown Trout that we had been fishing for in 80 fow moved out to 140 fow and wouldn’t bite.  Our search for Salmon was unsuccessful also.  Wednesday, Thank goodness, the trout moved back in to 95 fow.  Still deep, but fishable.  When Brown Trout move out beyond 110 fow, they become a different animal.  They become very hard to catch.  Wednesday and Thursday, the fishing improved with Scott and his son Kyle, from San Diego, landing their 2 day limit of browns.

Weird weekend.

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Fishing on Friday was good. The lake was rough. Waves out of every direction made it feel like we were in a washing machine. The fish bit well though. On 3 trips Friday, our clients landed 26 Brown Trout. Saturday was much tougher. Both boats landed fish, but not as good as we would have liked. Approaching storms put them off the bite early in the day. Sunday, same thing. They bit well for about an hour, then they shut down. We managed to land 5 nice fish before they shut off. Two spots, in front of the Little Salmon River in 75-85 ft. of water and north of the Salmon River in the same depth, have been good. Plenty of fish and bait. Still not much in the way of Salmon.

We love Brown Trout.

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The Salmon aren’t here as early as last year. I guess we will just have to suffer catching browns. Wednesday and Thursday, The plan worked well. Leave the dock at 5:00 am, and fish for trout. The spot… 50 – 80 ft. of water from Catfish Creek to the Little Salmon River. The Lures… Michigan Stingers and NK 28’s. Combinations of yellow and green as well as glow patterns worked well off riggers, wire divers and 9 colors of lead core. The Dayson family landed 25 browns in the two days. We can wait a little while longer for the Salmon to show up!

This is why we fish Lake Ontario and it’s rivers.

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Well, we couldn’t get out for our afternoon trip on Sunday due to approaching thunderstorms, so we took our party out on Monday morning instead. It was a good move. The fishing was good, not great, but we did have one of the highlights of our season. They landed 8 brown’s, one of which was a real monster. 60-70 ft. of water east of Catfish Creek is where it is at. The best spoons have been Ice Frog Michigan’s and the YNBK.

A great friend will be sadly missed

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This isn’t a fishing report, it is a way for me to let everyone know, that my good friend, Jerry Babcock, lost his ten year battle with illness. I met Jerry, and started taking him fishing, 17 yrs. ago. Jerry changed a lot in the last 10 yrs. as a result of his physical problems, but some things stayed the same. His love for family, friends and fishing stayed strong. Anyone who knew him, would say that Jerry was the most determined man that they had ever known. He fought to stay alive, so he could spend more time with those he loved. He also stayed alive to see one more Yankee game, shoot one more deer and catch one more fish, even though medically, we should have lost him years ago. I will miss the daily phone calls or dock visits that he would make to see how the fish were biting. Jerry was a true example of strength and determination. I hope that those who knew him, learned from him. I know I did. Save a spot on the back of the boat for me Jerry would ya?

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