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Well, we got some good old fashioned summertime thunderstorms this weekend. We were unable to complete any of our trips as a result of them. Saturday afternoon actually started out well with 3 browns, a two year old Salmon and another shaker King in the first couple of hours and then… the sky lit up and we went in. Sunday was much worse as far as the fishing and the weather was the same. The fish and bait are close to home, 60 – 80 ft. of water in front of the Salmon River. Some Salmon are also being caught a little deeper, 160 – 180 ft. of water.

The 30th. anniversary gift.

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Today was cool. Germain, from Montreal, surprised his wife of 30 yrs. with a fishing trip. We started out for Brown Trout and then went deep in search of some exotics ( Salmon, Steelhead etc..). They landed 8 beautiful fish. The brown’s were in 45 – 65 ft. of water up off Drowned Island, and the steelies came over deeper water, 150 – 240 ft. of water. The Hammer Michigan and green glow Fishlander spoons worked well early for the Brown Trout. We also hit a few on a gold-blue nose Michigan off 7 colors of lead and a glow- blue nosed Michigan off the wire. The Steelhead and 2 small kings all came on an Ice frog Michigan. Great job guy’s and here is to another 30 yrs..

Back up North for Brown’s. They’re still there.

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We headed back up the shore to Southwick State Park to see if the trout from a couple of weeks ago were still there. They were. We fished 48 – 65 ft. of water and caught fish from 22 ft. – 42 ft. down on riggers, leadcore ( 6 – 7 colors ) and wire divers. Michigan stingers were again the prefered bait. It’s a long trip. This time of year, we spend most of our time only 3 – 6 miles from port. The run is well worth it.

Remember…take kid’s fishing.

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Well, we had a blast on Friday and Saturday. A grandfather, two grandson’s and big Lake Ontario Brown Trout. What a combination. Though the fishing was better on Friday, we did manage to land some on Saturday as well. Actually the kid’s landed 13 of the 14 fish over the two day period. The only reason Johnny was able to land one was because the two boy’s fell asleep. We fished from 27ft. of water to 55ft. of water from the Salmon River to the Silo on the south shore on both days. Both brown’s and bait were scattered. The trout did bite well when we could find them. Think we will head back up North tomorrow and check it out.

What a turnaround!

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Well… the last couple of days were interesting. We had great fishing up north which fell apart at the beginning of the week. It was so good for so long up there that, after giving it a rest for a few days, we gave it another shot yesterday. Bad move! We arrived at the destination and found warm crystal clear water and no fish. Only one option… go deep, find bait and fish. It didn’t work. We found some bait in 100 ft. of water but could only manage to catch one Brown Trout. Because we had the same guys today, we decided to cut the trip early and fish longer today. That gave us time to think about things and come up with a new plan. The trip this morning started slow. We went over to the silo on the south shore to fish the point and humps around it. We found plenty of bait, but no fish. A phone call from a friend of ours ( thanx Mark) prompted us to move a little closer to home. It paid off. In the rest of the trip they landed 13 trout and lost quite a few others. 25 – 30 ft. of water between Selkirk and the Salmon River was where it was at. Michigan Stingers off the riggers down 12 – 20 ft. and Smithwicks off the surface did the trick.

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