Great fishing, bad weather.

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Well, the brown’s bit well today for us. They were a little more concentrated than they have been. We were able make short trolls, and catch fish with regularity, once we located them. We found the best action near Sandy Pond and up near Lake View. We picked at fish on the way to these areas, but once we got to the spots…WoW! With nearly 30 Brown Trout landed between our two boats on this mornings trips, We had a great day. Yesterday was equally as good in the same spots. As has been the case the past couple of weeks, our spoons ( needlefish, Alpina’s and Stingers ) worked better than the stickbaits.

Family trip for Brown’s

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We started out great this morning, landing 4 out of 6 trout on in the first pass down the Lake. Then what wind we had went away and the sun came up. It was all but over. We did end up catching 2 more Brown’s out in 20 ft. of water late in the trip. I think we were lucky to have landed 6. It was a very tough day from the reports we heard about.

Tougher fishing the last few days.

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Well…we are still catching fish, but we are really having to work for them. The best action has been from the Salmon River south to Snake Creek. The small spoons, Needlefish and Alpina’s fished off riggers or run with weight off a board have been better than the stickbaits. We have heard reports of some good catches north of Sandy Pond also.

High winds, cold weather, decent fishing

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How it can be in the 80’s in April and in the 50’s and 60’s in late May we will never understand. The wind has blown all week long and really chopped up the lake. We did get our trips in today and the fishing was ok. Between our two boats, we covered all the water between the Salmon River and the high rocks just East of Nine Mile Point. If any of you don’t know where these areas are… that is a lot of water. About 8 miles worth of shoreline. We found our best action to be between the State Park and Sage Creek. The water temp is 50 – 52 degrees and has good color. Smithwicks off the boards and Michigan Stingers as well as needlefish on the riggers worked well. The wind is supposed to back off tonight for the weekend. That will be a nice change.

Changing weather and full moon = tougher fishing.

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We have been fishing for Browns this past week with mixed results. We have caught fish each day, but even on the good days, landing 8 to 10 trout has taken the full trip. I guess we shouldn’t complain…we are still catching fish. We have been spending our time on the east shore of the lake. Fishing 5 – 10 ft. of water anywhere between Grindstone Creek to the south and Sandy Pond to the north, has been productive. Small spoons, Needlefish and Alpina’s off the riggers, Smithwicks off the boards.

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